The Saif Construction (Pvt.) Ltd. Main area of working is construction of all sorts of building: Commercial, Office Buildings, Public Institution's buildings Grand Mosques, Public Gardens and Private houses, we construct buildings according to the standards of engineering, by having highly qualified engineers. We supply all the necessary construction material with the best prices and best quality. This is a very rich field and there are always chances of committing mistakes therefore our company is always précising on professionalism and honesty. Without being sincere and honest in the work the goal cannot be achieved and the agreements will not be accomplished the way it should have been, We can assure you that there will not be any Compromise in quality.


Extraordinary quality and selection of first-grade construction materials are a priority throughout the project execution. Whether working on highways, metro, country or urban roads, new roads or rehabilitation projects, asphalt or concrete structures, SCPL provides the full range of road construction solutions and guarantees appropriate surfaces suitable for traffic loads, with optimum grip, driving comfort and an above-average service life.


SCPL has an honored reputation for enhancing Lahore with comprehensive year-round plant maintenance service and landscape care. Specializing in complete landscape maintenance, SCPL gives the attention and personal service your landscape deserves.

Alpinium 14" Pot Size Deon Palm 24" Pot Size
Fish Tale Palm 24" Pot Size Foxtail Palm 36" Bag
Golden Ficus 20" Bag Farcaria 24" Pot Size
Golden Ficus 18" Pot Size Cicus Palm 24" Pot Size
Cicus Palm 18" Pot Size Pheonix Palm 20" Bag
Bismarkia 36" Pot Size Pheonix Palm 24 " Bag
CopperNasia Palm 36" Bag Queen Palm 24" Bag
Golden Ficus 14" Pot Size Magnolia Floride 36" Bag
Black Ficus 14" Pot Size Panda Ficus Imported 3 Head 36" Pot Size
Shok Ulta 18" Pot Size Bonsai Snake Imported
Arecinia Imported Plastic Bag Bonsai Two Dragon
Thai Tower 24" Pot Size ChemiRops 18" Pot Size
Yoca Silver Vericated 12" Pot Size Arica Palm 24" Pot Size
Jekuranda 18" Pot Size Black Ficus 24" Pot Size
Shok Sidha 18" Pot Size Panda Cone Tower
Cheeko 24" Pot Size Panda Ball
Umbaltas 18" Pot Size Washintonia 36" Bag
Kachnaar 18" Pot Size Berrachi Kata Tree
Mango Tree Bag Golden Ficus Plastic Bag
Citrus 10" Bag Duranta Yellow Plastic Bag
Thai Toperi Movi Ficus 36" Pot size Bonsai JingSing


SCPL executed a number of mega projects which are as:

Description of Project Contractual Value in
(Millions PKR)
Work Type
Spots Complex Johar Town, Lahore 35 Ladscpaing Work
Doctors Colony , Muzafargarh 20 Ladscpaing Work
Central Green Belt, Sargodha Road, Sheikhupura 58 Ladscpaing Work
Kasur Sports Complex, Kasur 40 Ladscpaing Work
Gourmet Farm House, Lahore 40 Ladscpaing Work
Different Residential Projects , Lahore -- --


In past years, a growing demand for a modern technology in HVAC has emerged. Keeping in view the client demand, SCPL has managed to deliver some top quality project. One of the bench project is completion of 900 TONS VRF installation in LDA Plaza.


When it comes to turnkey project , SCPL has a renowned reputation for MEP works . Specialized in installation of electrical accessories , santory fitting and fixtures and mechinal pumps, SCPL covers all MEP needs of clients